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Accident Referral Network News: California DC & Speaking Out on Politics?

Accident Referral Network News: California DC & Speaking Out on Politics?

accident referral network californiaWhen thinking about the best kinds of online chiropractic marketing and messaging, chiropractic doctors often have to think on multiple levels. They have to consider what’s best for a general web readership, or the average web visitor. They may also want to think about different sub-categories of web users such as the ‘more sophisticated reader,’ or in other words, different types of individuals who are willing to do more in-depth research on a chiropractic or medical provider.

Some of these issues are kind of like the delicate political situations that encumber state or local politicians. A politician may have to think of his or her primary base differently than his or her base in a general election – strangely, in some ways, this is the same kind of decision that chiropractic doctors might have to make in deciding how to reach out to patients over the web or other channels of communication.

Adding a Political Component

Doctors who want to target a more specific audience might use a variety of techniques to provide more information about their view of chiropractic care, as well as how they feel about the general medical industry. For instance, take a look at this chiropractic blog from Dr. Kristofer Young in Ventura, California.

Right up front, this October blog post is titled “Yes on prop 37: Monsanto thinks you’re brain-dead” – readers will immediately get clued in that Dr. Young is talking about a political issue, and that it’s tied to food quality. Looking closer at the blog post, readers can follow the argument about genetically modified organisms in food, and how this may apply to their health.

A blog post like this opens the door to all sorts of debates. There is the ‘big interests’ component of this that pits corporations against grassroots activism and organizing. There is also a link to the food industry, and how food influences health, not just in terms of calories, but in terms of the chemicals and additives that we put into our bodies.

Dr. Young is not alone in including general health and nutrition content on the site. Many chiropractors do this in order to show how chiropractic is linked to holistic health. The difference here is that the blog goes into deliberately political territory, and goes into detail about other health decisions that are only indirectly tied to the role of chiropractic care.

Taking a Look at Chiropractic Telemarketing & Accident Referral Network

Other doctors may or may not want to take a page from the playbook of a practice that targets a specific political and intellectual niche. However, most doctors will agree that multichannel chiropractic marketing can boost new patient outcomes and contributes to long-term success. Take a look at what the Accident Referral Network does to help out doctors, with customized personal injury telemarketing services that work to advance the interests of single practice clients.


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