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Accident Referral Network News: Chiro Blog Cites “Side Effects” of Physical Spinal Treatments

accident-referral-networkProfessional chiropractors often have to deal with a list of negatives in their patient outreach. They have to contend against claims that working with spinal injury is “non-evidence-based” or somehow less effective than other kinds of medical treatment. Even though the general public tends to see chiropractic care as a legitimate and even traditional type of care, there are a lot of pressures within the world of online media that require some very specific responses by chiropractic doctors and clinics.

In order to try to get their messages heard, chiropractic practices can utilize their own in-house assets, buying web domains and populating them with provider outreach literature. Many doctor’s offices do this well. But some of the firms that succeed the most also utilize third party services like an accident referral network, a personal injury telemarketing service, or a content management team to keep underlining the principles that support their professional practice.

“Side Effects” of Chiropractic Care?

One somewhat recent web posting from Ogden, Utah turns some of these ideas on their ears by pointing out some of the positive aspects that chiropractic patients have reported after care. Although the online post from Precision Chiropractic and Wellness cites a 2010 research article, a link was more recently tweeted by Dr. Tyson Bradford on July 28 last year.

Essentially, this piece lists a variety of “positive outcomes” from patients utilizing “alternative” providers. These include:

  • Increased relaxation
  • Positive emotional changes
  • Better body awareness
  • Better coping mechanisms for pain
  • Increased sense of well-being and daily energy

By calling these ideas “side effects,” the writers are smartly detailing the perceived gulf between pharmaceutical medicine on one hand, and alternative medicine on the other. While many drugs come with their own negative side effects, the idea here is that physical therapy and other types of medical treatment, like acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care, often come with natural positive effects that don’t have to be written on the side of a bottle.

Combining Good Practice Outreach with Third Party Services

Chiropractors who are well-versed in the art of online and multimedia debate can optimize their practice blogs or other outreach literature to suit their needs. However, even the best chiropractors tend to be too busy to single-handedly keep up a web campaign while also providing excellent care to a daily schedule of patients. That’s why some of the most successful chiropractors in any state or region use services like the Accident Referral Network, a personal injury telemarketing service that tailors its activities to practice clients to bring in patients that are “pre-qualified” with accurate information, and good matches for a local professional provider.

Chiropractors who would like to see more traffic to their practices should think about how a well-designed p.i. telemarketing support service can really ramp up local operations. For the individual practice, it’s not just getting a name on a sheet of paper; it’s the care that support businesses provide in guiding an accident victim or someone with a debilitating spinal injury, through the various obstacles that get in their way, whether it’s limited transportation, late insurance payouts, legal wrangling or just lack of will to get better. Talk to ARN about setting up a powerful campaign to build a cornerstone for chiropractic care.