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Accident Referral Network: New Jersey Chiropractor Discusses Chiropractic Care

Accident Referral Network: New Jersey Chiropractor Discusses New-Tech Spinal Care Methods


Personal Injury TelemarketingAt the Accidental Referral Network, we often look at the ways that professional chiropractic doctors reach out to a local community to present the value of chiropractic care to potential patients. Our third party personal injury telemarketing service is designed to aid chiropractors in their professional growth, and in building brand visibility for their businesses that will help lead to many years of success in their local areas.

When chiropractors set up their businesses, they have a lot of options in the ways that they choose to market their services. By talking to accident victims, athletes, pregnant mothers or other kinds of people who may have spinal treatment needs, chiropractors and establish that link between what they can do to benefit their patients, and why those who are reading about spinal care should choose their practices. These kinds of outreach are often key to promoting a business that chiropractic professionals have worked hard to attain.

Patient Education on New Chiropractic Services

Some chiropractors like to use their internal blogs and other online resources to promote new kinds of healing that rely on high-tech or sophisticated medical techniques or equipment. One example comes from Old Bridge Spine and Wellness Center in Matawan, New Jersey. On this chiropractic blog, doctors talk about several kinds of new technology and methodology that can help patients with a range of spinal problems.

LiteCure Laser

An April 2013 post on the Old Bridge blog talks about how LiteCure laser therapy can aid in reducing pain and inflammation. Doctors explain that a type of ‘cold laser’ goes below the skin without causing injury, and affects damaged tissues by promoting the production of certain elements that can help rejuvenate tissues in different areas of the body. In contrast to surgery or drugs, this option can be a popular pain management choice.

Spinal Decompression

In May of 2013, Old Bridge added a post on spinal decompression, a relatively straightforward treatment that provides negative pressure on the vertebrae of the spine. Here, the blog post details how a new technology is applied to spinal decompression.

“We use a computer-controlled mechanical decompression table.” writes an Old Bridge blogger. “This device has controls for lumbar decompression and also for cervical decompression.”

This explanation of new spinal decompression treatments shows how technology has been applied to chiropractic care in some of the same ways that it’s been used in all kinds of other modern medicine.

Personal Injury Telemarketing: Adding Third Party Services

While internal online promotion for chiropractic doctors can be effective, many practices find they need more visibility in their general areas to get their messages out to more prospective patients. The Accidental Referral Network, a top class personal injury telemarketing service, uses skilled teams and scalable call center systems to assist chiropractors in finding the right types of new patients for their offices and clinics. It’s worth thinking about how these types of qualified and legitimate business partners can help a chiropractic care center over time.