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Accident Referral Network: Chiropractors Discuss Pregnancy

Accident Referral Network: Chiropractors Discuss Pregnancy

Personal Injury TelemarketingWithin the general field of chiropractic care, several main topic areas stand out. One of them is pregnancy.

Many chiropractic doctors advise a lot of pregnant women on how to prepare for birth through better spinal health, but that’s not always where the role of the chiropractic doctor ends. Some professional practitioners develop a specific interest in guiding women through pregnancy and labor, and beyond, with a general outlook on the wellness of both the mother and the baby.

At the Accident Referral Network, a third party personal injury telemarketing service, we focus on customizing a plan to a particular chiropractic office. We are always looking at the ways that professional chiropractors market and inform the public about their services to better understand the needs of any single practice.

Birth Information from Chiropractors

It’s interesting to note that in some cases, the online resources of a chiropractor office can, again, extend into many areas of the pregnancy and birthing experience. One example is this very informative resource from the Blue Hills Chiropractic center in Cumberland, Wisconsin, where Dr. Lauryn Brunclik, D.C. provides a lot of different kinds of input on both pregnancy and parenting.

In a series of periodically updated blog posts, Dr. Brunclik expounds on very detailed guidelines for the health of an expectant mother. She also goes into detail on the best practices for setting up a nursery and preparing for a new baby. In other posts, Dr. Brunclik goes into other elements like dietary plans and ideas for feeding, and other kinds of infant environment issues, like the use of television and music.

All of this revolves around creating a safe and healthy space for a newborn infant. In reading over the vast range of resources on the site, it’s evident that Dr. Brunclik has a wealth of experience in guiding expectant women and new mothers, not just in spinal health, but in general parenting and associated elements of family health. In some ways, chiropractic doctors like Brunclik offer practical family planning and family support resources that supplement the specific spinal care services they provide in the office.

Using Third Party Personal Injury Telemarketing Services

The Accident Referral Network was created to give doctors the ability to expand their range through a kind of ‘megaphone approach’ for their services. By extending the message and unique offers of a specific practice to a greater set of individuals, this third party personal injury telemarketing business provides individual professional doctors and offices with a list of qualified prospective patients who have already been asked about their specific injuries and other details. With this kind of connecting and networking, doctors can enjoy relationships with more patients in their local areas. Talk to ARN about setting up sophisticated marketing campaigns that have worked for many dozens of clinics and offices.