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Chiropractic Marketing News: California DC & Active Release Technique

Chiropractic Marketing News: California DC & Active Release Technique

Personal Injury TelemarketingAs we’ve pointed out before, it often makes sense for chiropractic doctors to add specific information on individual treatment techniques. These may be treatment types that doctors specialize in. They may relate to conditions that doctors see frequently in their practices. In either case, including these details can appeal to a more specific web audience, and help web readers get more information about how a practice works.

Fundamental Treatments for Diverse Conditions

In some cases, a critical type of chiropractic treatment can work on different areas of the body. For example, the active release technique or ART is something essential that chiropractors use to free up muscle and tissue systems in different body areas, and allow more range of motion or better body capacity.

Using ART

One example of chiropractors including details on active release technique is this blog from El Dorado Hills, California. In Dr. Judd Lowrey’s Sports and Wellness Chiropractic Blog, multiple web posts from this summer target different applications of active release technique. In a blog post titled “Foot pain, plantar fasciitis and active release techniques” Dr. Lowrey talks about applying this treatment to the foot, in order to restore walking and mobility and alleviate pain. In another post from June, Dr. Lowrey talks about applying active release techniques to golf injuries, where golf swings cause repetitive motion injury.

“There is a tremendous amount of force that happens with each golf swing. And, over time, these continued bursts of energy channeled into a golf swing can cause strain on muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments.” writes Dr. Lowrey. “When there is swing compensation, there is even more strain placed on these soft tissues. This strain causes micro-trauma which often initially feels like minor aches, pains, or tightness. The body responds to these micro-traumas by producing scar tissue around the injured area.”

Essentially, active release technique involves breaking down scar tissue through active manipulation of body tissues. Scar tissue can build up when muscles are overworked. ART is a very direct physical treatment that can succeed where other treatments like pharmaceutical treatment or exercise routines have failed.

More on Chiropractic Outreach

Doctors can include a lot of detail on their sites to help web readers know what they’re about, but there are other ways to reach out to the community and get more people interested in a particular local practice. Doctors can team up with the Accident Referral Network to get multichannel campaigns that work. Our personal injury telemarketing teams will bring specific messages to auto accident injury victims to help a practice consolidate its reputation as a premier chiropractic provider in an area. Talk to us about enhancing a chiropractic marketing campaign that can work wonders for long-term growth.


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