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Chiropractic Telemarketing News: California DC Builds Windows into Practice SEO

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: California DC Builds Windows into Practice SEO

Personal Injury TelemarketingEvery chiropractic doctor leaves his or her own signature on a web project that’s meant to support a local office. Doctors take a look at what’s likely to work for their communities, and they also display a lot about their particular care philosophy and practice habits online. The best online chiropractic marketing offers real resources for those doing research on this type of care – it helps them to make the best decisions about where to go for spinal alignment or other kinds of services.

Some of the best kinds of chiropractic marketing are simply unique – they distinguish the site from all of the other competition around it, and they show that a doctor is both authoritative on chiropractic and engaged with patient care.

Here’s an interesting example from a site called Personalized Chiropractic in San Diego California. What you’ll see in a most recent October 25 blog post is based on the issue of neck pain, something that’s a very common symptom that’s driving people to seek information on chiropractic care.

What you also see is an actual search term that people often use to start doing research online:

Slept Wrong Neck Pain

Giving web readers an actual insight into the SEO that drives an online project is a good introduction to this particular issue, where people with a pain in the neck may have a lot of specific questions that a doctor can help to answer.

“Does your pillow provide enough neck support?” writes practice blogger Ryan Curda. “Does it provide too much neck support? Is it too soft? Is it too firm?”

Going on, Curda suggests that often, to wax Shakespearean, the fault lies not with our pillows but with ourselves. Changes in posture at night can cause serious problems regardless of what kind of pillow you are sleeping on.

The post goes through some other common questions, in order to help explain why people might be experiencing this kind of pain. There is also a call to action for the specific office and other information about the office online that helps patients to convert from being passive readers to actual new customers.

Doing More with Chiropractic Telemarketing

At the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, we help doctors with comprehensive marketing solutions. We know that while great content is a good way to reach out, it doesn’t always give doctors the new patient traffic they want or need. We help individual practices to get the word out and become more visible within their communities.

By connecting with auto accident injury victims through chiropractic telemarketing, we do some of the tough work involved in building up a new customer base for a chiropractic care center or office. That’s why so many both new and experienced doctors have partnered with us to get customized solutions for their practices and clinics.


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