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Chiropractic Telemarketing News: California Chiropractic Care and ‘Amenities’

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: California Chiropractic Care and ‘Amenities’

Personal Injury TelemarketingOften, chiropractic doctors who take time to understand their patients’ main needs and expectations can do better with the chiropractic marketing resources that they put online to attract new patrons. While a broad, generic approach might help to pull in a few readers, a more sophisticated chiropractic blog or web site can be more effective in helping a local practice to get a lot more attention.

There are those fundamental things that patients everywhere need in terms of finding out about a chiropractic office – but then there are also attitudes and preferences that may be better for different types of communities. For example, the kind of chiropractic web content used by practice in a rural area may be different than that of a doctor working in a downtown office in one of America’s major cities.

Urban Chiropractic and Amenity Advertising

Here’s a good example of how a chiropractic office crafts its content according to where the practice is, and who may be reading. The Marvin C. Lee Chiropractic Center maintains a blog with regular, relevant content to take advantage of web traffic and attract people who are looking for chiropractic care online. With just a brief look at the blog page, you can see how this practice promotes different kinds of extra services like massage. In an October 11 post called “Combine expert chiropractic care with our Los Angeles massage office,” the practice goes into detail about how therapeutic massage can help when you’re suffering from something like back pain.

Nor is this the only post that references other kinds of personal services or activities. A July 19 post called “Yoga for back pain: how often should you practice?” talks about using these types of fitness activities to help maintain good spinal health. In addition, there are multiple posts related to mixed martial arts or MMA, talking about other issues where good lifestyle habits help to maintain good body structure.

Los Angeles Chiropractic Advertising

It might be safe to assume that part of the reason the practice includes all of these different ideas relates to the local target audience: in a place like Los Angeles, people are often attracted to ideas about physical fitness, an active lifestyle, a glamorous lifestyle and a proactive approach to health. While this seems like a general principle of chiropractic marketing, it may not work as well in other communities where people are more focused on utilitarian health services, rather than extra elective therapies.

Using Chiropractic Telemarketing

Beyond targeting web content to their potential customers, doctors can also use multichannel chiropractic marketing to get a message across.

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