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Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Florida Chiropractor’s Online Chiropractic Marketing

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Florida Chiropractor’s Online Chiropractic Marketing

Personal Injury TelemarketingMost of those who’ve done some in-depth research into online chiropractic marketing would agree that there is just too much ‘clutter’ on the web.

As with many different kinds of fields and services, there are many thousands of individual chiropractic offices scattered across the country. Even small communities may have more than one chiropractic office providing services locally. Add all this up, and you get an amazing number of these offices nationwide.

Theoretically, each of these practices comes with its own individual marketing efforts, but what you find online is a lot different. You find that some doctors create their own content online to bring in new patients, and others rely on generic or templated content that’s exactly the same as what’s on someone else’s site.

This has led some web readers to look for content that’s unique, that’s sincere and personal, and that truly reaches out to a community. A lot of people who want to do homework on health and wellness service providers feel like they’re owed at least a little personal contact online, to help introduce them to a practice, and this can be a key part of the early process of finding a chiropractic doctor.

Examples of Non-Copied Content

With a little research, those who want to separate the wheat from the chaff can get a look at practices in their communities that rely on their own individual outreach to attract patients and serve those who need healing. One example is this Orlando chiropractic blog serving the practice of Dr. Ronald L. Fulmore.

Looking at this blog, you can see that the content involved is not copied and pasted. The doctor himself is mentioned in the content, and unique stories are told about the life of community. The narrative is driven in a way that doesn’t lend itself to copying or pasting. The blog posts are actually made uniquely for the practice.

One of the best and quickest ways to tell if good-looking content is unique is to simply cut and paste into a Google results page. In a surprising number of pages, this kind of search will reveal dozens of identical results. When you come up with a short list that only references one particular practice, you know that your search has come up clean.

Using Chiropractic Telemarketing Services

Aside from building unique and personalized web content, doctors can also reach out to patients in a number of other ways. One is to partner with the Accident Referral Network, a high-end chiropractic telemarketing service provider. Our personal injury telemarketing teams talk to individual auto accident victims. We assess their conditions and help to guide them toward appropriate treatment near where they live. This service to individual patients and client offices helps to connect those who need care with providers, without relying on tricks or gimmicks, or passive efforts to use syndicated marketing material.


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