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Chiropractic Telemarketing News: New York Chiropractic Marketing with Active Voice

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: New York Chiropractic Marketing with Active Voice

Personal Injury TelemarketingMany chiropractors and other kinds of doctors may not think that what’s written on their web sites will determine their level of success with patients – but in many cases, they’re just wrong. The truth is that people who are looking for medical care on the web care about what they read. After all, despite all of the bells and whistles on a modern web page, the real ‘meat’ of the page is the text, the items that we read, and how they influence us to take actions.

With that in mind, let’s delve into some of the types of content that are used online for chiropractic marketing. What we’ll see will cause literary sticklers to cringe. In too many cases, there’s not enough thought to the level of detail necessary to make online chiropractic marketing really engaging, to make it flow and to make it sound natural, and read naturally.

Using Active Voice: An Example

Let’s take a look at a type of chiropractic post that might start with a title such as “What a Chiropractor Can Help”

Here, as a reader you’re left expecting some kind of preposition or addendum on the end of the title. Help with what? Or, maybe, ‘what kinds of things chiropractic care can help?’ But none of this is articulated.

Then let’s say the article starts out with something like this:

“All sorts of difficult medical problems can be helped by a chiropractor office.”

Nothing wrong, right? Well, at least it’s a whole sentence. The problem is that putting the conditions before the subject of the sentence, the chiropractor, makes things excessively complicated. That’s why your ‘writing 101’ class, whether it’s in high school or college, will probably include a lot of focus on replacing passive sentences with active voice. In this example, you’d see:

“Chiropractors can help with all kinds of difficult problems.”

That’s much better. It’s not just an academic thing, or a question of scoring points with that small group of readers who appreciate a well-turned sentence. Even less sophisticated web readers will have a harder time reading the kinds of mangled passive voice that pass for outreach on a lot of chiropractic web sites.

For a concrete example of something that’s basically built well, but sounds a little rough, take a look at this blog site from DeLoe Chiropractic in Pittsford, NY. First off, just creating unique content for a site is commendable…bit with that said, a lot of the text here is hard to get through, for some of the same reasons mentioned above. Take a try at reading this stuff aloud and then re-arranging it a bit to see how it could be said a lot more easily.

Beyond Active Voice

Changing your text into something active and easy to read is just the beginning. Chiropractic doctors also do better when they present their own kinds of narratives directly to patients, keep their names involved with their web sites and blogs, and generally give prospective patients ‘things they can use,’ rather than phoning in some kind of generic list of chiropractic benefits. There’s also the idea of maintaining web content over time, rather than just thinking a few posts will tide you over for a year or more.

Additional Marketing Channels with Chiropractic Telemarketing

If you want more assistance with getting the word out about chiropractic businesses, take a look at what the Accident Referral Network can offer. With a diverse array of chiropractic telemarketing systems, DC’s are sure to find exactly what they want and need with Accident Referral Network. Our personal injury telemarketing teams help doctors to reach more patients and build success for their practices. We pay attention to what works in chiropractic marketing, and we know how to appeal to the many people who look for chiropractic care in their communities.


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