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Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Florida DC, Advertising and Holistic Care

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Florida DC, Advertising and Holistic Care

Personal Injury TelemarketingIn trying to reach web readers to talk about chiropractic care, doctors and practice administrators often take a ‘big picture’ approach. While some offices feel it’s enough to focus on geo-targeted SEO and narrower types of care approaches referencing back pain and auto accidents, other practices expand their definition of chiropractic to involve long-term physical, emotional and holistic health.

Why go beyond a narrower approach to chiropractic? One of the prevailing reasons is that by setting themselves up as advocates for holistic health, doctors can give patients a better chance of really utilizing the spinal adjustments or other treatments they may get at an office. Frankly, these types of marketing resources also position a doctor and an office as more of a “wellness fixture” or expert source within a community.

Mind and Body Resources

Often, practices utilizing this approach will take the premise that the mind and body are interconnected, and that by offering a range of therapeutic services and guidance, doctors can help patients to truly renovate their mobility, lifestyle and overall wellness.

An example from Orlando Florida is this Essential Mind and Body blog that represents the practice of Dr. Robert Koch. Using blog posts like ‘3 tips to refocus re-energize and reconnect,’ the blog lays out individual and direct narratives about how a person’s mental outlook can affect their health. In a blog post called “Finding Your Strength” blogger Theresa D. Cochran talks about working through challenges and handling stress, moving forward to conquer some of the biggest individual obstacles that may affect a person’s mental and physical health, using a subject that’s often difficult for people to talk about: the aftermath of terror attacks on September 11, 2001, but bringing the narrative to a positive close.

“How do you find a goal?  That’s easy.” writes Cochran.  “You have to want whatever that goal is and then take the daily steps to lead you to that goal.  A lot of people will stay where they are in life because of past experiences and because it’s safe and safe is nice. But when you find your inner strength, take the leap, and take action in your life the feeling can be incredible.”

These kinds of resources can be applied to the hard work and pain management that patients have to do after a major spinal injury, but they can also be applied to the everyday process of maintaining good overall health.

The Back Story

The Essential Mind and Body blog also offers background information on Dr. Koch – on a “Meet the Doctor” page, Dr. Koch talks about a long-term motivation to practice chiropractic, and some of his training and philosophy of care.

Adding Chiropractic Telemarketing

The above example shows how some practices put a good deal of effort into effective and vibrant online outreach.

In cases where these kinds of approaches don’t yield all of the new patient traffic that a practice needs, doctors can turn to services like the Accident Referral Network. This personal injury telemarketing service helps to bring in qualified new patients with documented information about their injuries and needs for care. We can help doctors to succeed over the years and build a practice that can stand the tests of time.


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