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Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Indiana DC Introduces a Practice with a Top-Level Video Page

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Indiana DC Introduces a Practice with a Top-Level Video Page

Personal Injury TelemarketingWe’ve often talked about the value of unique, personal content on chiropractor blogs, but there are other elements that also help professional chiropractic doctors to showcase their services online. One is the use of a video component that reaches directly into the heart of the practice and shows web users not only what happens in practice, but how doctors present themselves. Video resources are often a prime way to show potential patients how relaxed and friendly a chiropractic office can be.

Using Video to Make That First Impression

One example of a good use of video is at this Anderson Chiropractic site in the town of Avon in Hendricks County, Indiana. Here, doctors J.C. Anderson and Justin Mohr are featured in a top-level video that shows viewers a little about their background and how they approach chiropractic care in their office.

The short video clip shows doctors Anderson and Mohr working with a range of patients of different ages and genders. They also sit down in front of the camera for quick narratives speaking directly to viewers. All of this adds to a big picture that really demonstrates the nature of their practice to someone who has never stepped in the door of the office.

The doctors also talk about their values related to chiropractic care.

“Right from the beginning of your care, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and treated like family.” says Dr. Anderson. “Everyone on staff wants to provide care that’s above and beyond the ordinary.”

“Both Dr. Anderson and I are second-generation chiropractors.” says Dr. Mohr. “So we’ve seen the benefits of chiropractic care from the doctor’s standpoint, but also as a patient.”

Having these kinds of resources online is one way to really effectively reach out to a large number of people, and individuals who are doing online research for chiropractic care. This kind of web research is a common practice after an injury, or after chronic conditions get tough to handle, and having a web site ready to appeal to these users is a great part of a multi-channel marketing initiative. These readers, and viewers, will be looking for more than just basic information about chiropractic; often they will be looking for specific providers that seem genuine and looked like good places to go for spinal adjustments and other services.

Using Chiropractic Telemarketing Services for a Chiropractic Office

Another way chiropractic doctors can get a competitive edge is through the use of personal injury telemarketing services that work. The Accident Referral Network, a trusted leader in chiropractic telemarketing services, offers doctors these kinds of assistance in getting out messages to a large number of potential clients in a certain neighborhood or metro area.


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