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Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Massachusetts DC’s Seasonal Outreach

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Massachusetts DC’s Seasonal Outreach

Personal Injury TelemarketingAlong with all of the other strategies that help chiropractic doctors market their practices, doctors often use some of the same strategies that the CVS manager uses for that aisle in between electronics and cosmetics – doctors and practice administrators use seasonal information to help track web readers and get people engaged in using the site.

So what does seasonal outreach mean for chiropractic? It might mean an appeal to the holiday season, as Halloween blends into Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving blends into Christmas. Or it might address some of the health conditions that seem to pop up around the holiday season.

Cold and Flu Season

We all get lots of reminders as the winter wears on that cold and flu season is upon us – local pharmacies offer flu vaccines, health advocates recommend hand-washing, and schools, day care centers and workplaces prepare for the worst.

Chiropractors also recognize cold and flu season. Here’s one example from Healing Hands Chiropractic in Massachusetts. An October 31 blog goes into some of the issues around cold and flu viruses, with an emphasis on how chiropractic can help.

Explaining Cold and Flu

This post goes into some of the basic ins and outs of the lymphatic system, and how viruses travel through the body. Practice bloggers also address the role of chiropractic care: by using chiropractic services to get the body in proper alignment, doctors can help patients respond better to congestion and some of the other symptoms around the common cold and different strains of flu.

“A non-invasive chiropractic adjustment puts the neck and back into proper alignment,” writes a practice blogger, “alleviating pressure on the congested lymph ducts and allowing them to flow more freely to protect you against colds, flu and other illnesses.”

Specifically, this practice recommends lymphatic massage and spinal adjustment in order to boost the immune system, help the body deal with toxins and help individuals to beat the winter viruses that attack them throughout the season.

Doing More with Chiropractic Telemarketing

It’s helpful for chiropractors to remind people about the health role of chiropractic care, but even with these kinds of reminders, the practice still might not see the kind of the patient traffic that it needs to thrive. It’s important to remember that the needs of a business are different from the needs of an individual, and what works to educate patients might not be the same thing that works to bring in a high caliber of people to a local practice.

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