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Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Pennsylvania DC Combines Clinical Services

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Pennsylvania DC Combines Clinical Services

Personal Injury TelemarketingThere’s a lot to be said for the chiropractic blog as an engine of online marketing for chiropractic offices – but this kind of conventional and chiropractic advertising isn’t the only way that chiropractic doctors create context for their businesses.

Sometimes, a deeper strategy consists of something you might call ‘professional alignment’ where the chiropractic office focuses on more than just spinal adjustments. Doctors often hint at this in online marketing resources—they include a lot of different content around diet and lifestyle to help clue patients in that chiropractic services happen in the context of a look at ongoing holistic health. In other words, patients who may need chiropractic services can also support good outcomes by making sure that the muscles and tissues supporting the spine are in good condition. That’s why a lot of chiropractic visits also include follow-up instructions for home care. It’s because, as a kind of alternative medical service, chiro services provide part of a multi-step healing process that involves making the body self-sufficient and able to, in some ways, “self-heal” over time.

Teaming Up

To go a step further in connecting diet and lifestyle to chiropractic, some doctors actually team up with other professionals to expand what the practice can do for individual new patients. One example is this Middlesex Chiropractic Center in Pennsylvania. Here Dr. Larry Cimperman, a board certified chiropractor and certified chiropractic sports physician, has partnered with Dr. Agnes Gallagher, a nutritionist with experience at both the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute. As a board certified nutritionist, Dr. Gallagher specializes in clinical nutrition.

An introductory page specifies that the Middlesex Chiropractic Center offers items like technical diet counseling and different kinds of lab work. All of this supports many of the greater goals attached to chiropractic offices that promote holistic health: weight loss, better range of motion, better cardiovascular health, and all of the other benefits that good diet and exercise bring to an individual’s life.

While this particular business is somewhat spare on extra online content, it is clear from looking at the site that this practice is able to offer a wide range of services. In some cases, that’s what it takes to get a lot of new patients in the door and make a business succeed. Other strategies that are often effective involve getting into the community, using public events to get visibility, or partnering with other types of local business to network within a community.

Adding Chiropractic Telemarketing for New Patient Traffic

Along with the above options, chiropractic doctors also have the option of partnering with businesses like the Accident Referral Network. We use chiropractic telemarketing services to supplement other kinds of marketing campaigns for single client practices. Talk to us about what we can do for your office.


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