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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: High-Powered Chiropractic Marketing in Alabama

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: High-Powered Chiropractic Marketing in Alabama

Personal Injury TelemarketingIt just seems like there is kind of an aversion to picking up the pen, or more accurately, the laptop or desktop computer keyboard, for many practices around regions of the state of Alabama.

Searching for professional offices in areas like Muscle Shoals and the Birmingham metro area, you can see that many practices simply paste generic content into blogs and site pages. Many of these web sites seem to be on autopilot.

To be fair, these areas, and the state of Alabama, are by no means the only places where consumers don’t seem to be served by a lot of local online chiropractic marketing. Still, it’s an example of where it’s frustrating for patients looking for a local doctor’s office they can relate to.

Visual Alabama Chiropractic Marketing

An interesting exception to this general trend comes from the Millar Chiropractic Clinic. This multi-doctor practice based in Huntsville actually goes a number of steps beyond just writing content. The Millar site brings the voices and faces of practicing doctors directly to web readers.

Through a number of blogs, including the Backtalk and Healthtalk posts, Millar chiropractic presents actual video clips taken from local broadcasting venues and other video opportunities. Here, doctors talk directly about different elements of care and spinal health.

Millar’s doctors speak on many topics, including neck pain, sciatica and disk problems. They talk about degenerative issues with the spine, as well as other kinds of health problems like migraines.

Presenting this kind of content is critical in terms of effective chiropractic outreach. By constructing web resources that actually show the ‘bones’ of a practice – no pun intended – professional doctors reach out to the community in more effective ways, so that web readers have resources they can use to guide them further toward their eventual visit to a practice.

Utilizing Personal Injury Telemarketing

Chiropractic doctors can use the kinds of high-powered video campaigns seen on blogs like the ones mentioned above. They can also become immersed in local community events, or use local business partnerships to get more visibility and word-of-mouth in an area.

Alternately, professional doctors can also partner with the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing service provider. Our personal injury telemarketing services allow doctors to reach out to personal injury patients by utilizing our skilled and professional teams, and our high-design campaigns that talk to individuals about their care needs. Ask us about support for a beginning or growing practice.


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