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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Kentucky Chiropractor Uses SEO, Verb Tense and More

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Kentucky Chiropractor Uses SEO, Verb Tense and More

Personal Injury Telemarketing KentuckyWe’ve already talked a lot about how it benefits chiropractors to actually engage in their web projects and offer unique content. We’ve also gone over a lot of the fundamental philosophies of chiropractic marketing online, and how to put together a message that works.

In addition to the basics, there’s a lot of fine-tuning that often goes on around a chiropractic bug project. Doctors may look at their blogs and web sites on an ongoing basis to really try to “see what the patient sees” and understand how their messages are coming across.

A Louisville, KY Chiropractor Soldiers On

For an understanding of how complex chiropractic online marketing can be, take a look at some examples like this one from a Louisville chiropractor who does the work of offering real, insightful content on a regular basis. Scrolling through the blog roll, you can see a history of regularly delivered content that tries to give web readers a real sense of what chiropractors do, and why they might get to see one.

At a glance, you can see that this blog is heavy on the SEO, utilizing the geotargeting words quite a lot, and highlighting them for emphasis. This can turn off some readers, but it’s less of a detriment if the content around the pages is truly unique and useful.

Then, some blog posts are generally better written than others, but again, with the straightforward narratives that are presented, a large number of web readers will understand the general idea. For instance, in a blog post titled “The Best Whiplash Chiropractor Louisville Has to Offer,” the practice blogger injects title keywords while keeping the post readable. Moreover, the practice presents a narrative from the viewpoint of a married man who gets in a car accident, skillfully using demographics and real-life types of scenarios to illustrate how a patient might think. Despite some verb tense problems (Now I understand what whiplash was all about, because now I had it and it was not turning out to be very much fun…) this post successfully goes through what this theoretical patient might face when he gets to a care provider, and how chiropractors work with trauma pain and chronic pain to mitigate various kinds of car accident injuries.

Looking at these kinds of blog resources is a step in the right direction for doctors who really want to market their services well. Some practices have a natural influx of new patients due to factors like their location and their contracts with insurance companies. Others have to work for their new patients, and that’s where creative chiropractic web marketing comes in.

Using Personal Injury Telemarketing

Those many doctors who need to put in work to get new patients coming in can also partner with the Accident Referral Network, a seasoned and state-of-the-art personal injury telemarketing firm that guarantees the results of their clients. We help doctors to face a challenge in sustaining new patient traffic to a practice. By talking to car accident victims and understanding their needs, we put together workable campaigns that can provide real results for chiropractors. Talk to us about getting more visibility for a practice that needs help.


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