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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: New York DC & Making It Different

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: New York DC & Making It Different

New York Times SquareWhy do chiropractors have to struggle to get new patients, and why do they need to pay so much attention to their blogs and web sites? Why do marketing consultants and others brought in to look at practice success always harp so much on unique content and unique types of chiropractic marketing? A big part of the answer is because, to put it bluntly, chiropractic is common. It’s everywhere, and many communities, even small ones, have up to a dozen or more chiropractic offices or clinics in the local area. That means doctors have to work to stand out, and they have to offer useful solutions to patients to keep people coming in and utilizing the services that they provide.

Unique Chiropractic Web Marketing

With that in mind, chiropractors do a lot better in generating patient traffic when they do a good job with online marketing. Here, as in any type of marketing, the practice has to stand out. Practices do this in many ways, by thinking outside the box and pushing beyond the boundaries of generic online content.

One example of enhancing or augmenting a chiropractic blog is demonstrated at this Angrist Chiropractic and Wellness Care Center blog representing a New York practice. In addition to ‘regular’ chiropractic blog posts talking about conditions and treatments, this blog contains useful extras like ‘Friday’s Fact’ where practice bloggers talk about little-known health and anatomy facts. There’s also ‘Wednesday’s Quote,’ where the practice simply adds quotable slogans from major public figures. In addition, you have some seasonal holiday posts and more unique local content that hopes to draw in readers. All of this can help to build a more “convert-able site” that works in the background to support the practice over time.

Again, this stuff matters. It can matter a lot. Just ask any doctor who has put together a chiropractic marketing plan for his or her clinic, and operated successfully over a long time frame. The business does a lot better when people can read about the practice online, get more information easily, and then make that call to possibly become a newly enrolled patient.

Adding Multi-Channel Chiropractic Marketing with Personal Injury Telemarketing

The Accident Referral Network offers elite personal injury telemarketing services to chiropractors. We help doctors to get more patients from different local areas, by asking the right questions over the phone and guiding auto accident victims toward care choices. We help to do the hard work of putting together patient leads that will be truly useful to doctors over time. Talk to us about a variety of customized campaigns for your chiropractic office or clinic.


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