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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Virginia DC, ‘Ball Bearings’ and The Spine

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Virginia DC, ‘Ball Bearings’ and The Spine

Personal Injury TelemarketingAmong all of the different things that chiropractic doctors have to think about when they represent a practice online, there is a relatively basic idea of what what’s ‘glitzy’ and what’s likely to grab the reader’s attention. Chiropractors and others offering these kinds of care walk a fine line between the need to present information or content, to actually guide a prospective patient toward care and consultation, and to do what all online 6 needs to do – to just keep the web reader’s attention long enough for them to get more engaged with the site.

There are a lot of ways to approach this equation. Unfortunately, some of the great ones that are used by chiropractors are used by more than one clinic, in fact, they’re used by dozens of clinics.

Talking About Discs

The discs in the spine separate the vertebrae. Discs are critically important to spinal health. Herniated or bulged discs cause serious problems, and often acute pain.

Now, to help web readers understand the spine, some chiropractors like to make the metaphor connecting spinal discs to ball bearings in vehicles and equipment. This is an effective contrast, and one that’s likely to help the average person understand spinal care and chiropractic.

Take a look at this Wave of Light Chiropractic Center page in Virginia for an example of talking about ‘spinal ball bearings.’ This article goes through the description of spinal discs as vital connectors that, like ball bearings, need to be maintained and operational for the spine to work well, to preserve motor capability for the body.

Presenting Unique Content

Unfortunately, this particular article seems to be shared across a large number of practices, and a simple Google test returns a lot of the same verbatim content that presents well, but doesn’t represent a single practice.

Many of those who counsel practices on how to approach online marketing believe that firms using syndicated or generic content are at a disadvantage, even if that content looks and sounds really great. To be fair, there are different opinions on when to use syndicated content, and a lot of discussion about exactly what’s best for a practice page. For new practices, a blank web site represents ‘uncharted waters’ and each professional has to make their own decisions about how to build a site that works for that very important local audience, individuals who may need chiropractic care and don’t know where to go.

The argument behind unique content is that readers can do Google searches. When they find identical content elsewhere, it can cause problems for the practice.

Using Chiropractic Telemarketing and Personal Injury Telemarketing

Regardless of the practice’s online marketing philosophy, doctors can get more patient traffic with additional multi-channel efforts that reach beyond the web. Doctors can participate in public events – they can also utilize the services of the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing service provider. We offer creative and compelling personal injury telemarketing campaigns that help doctors win wherever they practice.


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