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PI Marketing News: Texas Chiro Talks Acupuncture

 PI Marketing News: Texas Chiro Talks Acupuncture

Personal Injury TelemarketingChiropractors starting up their businesses or putting together an online chiropractic marketing campaign for an existing office have a lot of tough choices to make. They have to decide how to represent their business, what to leave in and what to leave out, and how to create compelling pages that really help bring new people into the office for care and consultation.

One of the biggest and first decisions involves the range of services that chiropractors offer. Generally, these doctors ‘lead’ with information on spinal adjustments. But what else goes into the blog?

What about acupuncture? This kind of care is popular in some cities, but then there is the downside of trying to explain a ‘needle approach’ to those many patients who cringe every time a medical professional pulls out a syringe, or anything else small and sharp.

Including Acupuncture Materials in Chiropractic Marketing

As with other aspects of chiropractic online marketing, this one requires walking a fine line. Some doctors will actually do research in SEO, or look at their local area to determine whether talking about acupuncture would be a good thing for their practice.

Other practices simply include acupuncture in their list of services, without going into it too much. For example, take a look at this Natural Care Chiropractic and Acupuncture site representing the practice of Dr. James R. Blum in Richardson, Texas.

Although this blog clearly includes acupuncture in the services provided by the office, there’s not a lot of blog space devoted to putting needles into people. The vast majority of content focuses on more conventional care, showing patients why they should look for this kind of treatment…and how they can get health benefits from spinal adjustments and other types of services that don’t involve sharp objects.

Pursuing this strategy allows patients to take the initiative and ask more about acupuncture if it’s something they’re interested in. By showing clearly that the office provides the service, doctors leave the doors open to more adventurous clients, while still shielding those with needle fears.

Overall, although acupuncture is a delicate topic, it’s hard to go wrong with original and creative content that caters to a local web audience by offering personal and engaging narratives from doctors. The best campaigns show the personal side of an office, and help patients to get introduced to doctors before they ever set foot in the exam room.

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