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PI Telemarketing News: Colorado DC Explores Auto Insurance Payment Issues

PI Telemarketing News: Colorado DC Explores Auto Insurance Payment Issues

PI Telemarketing DenverIf you are a chiropractic doctor thinking about the best ways to market your services, you may be stuck on the general issue of offering medical information to patients. It’s true that patients desperately want useful information about their conditions and injuries online, but that’s not the only way that doctors can build a web project that works, one that draws in readers and helps offices to get the best chances for new patient traffic.

Another way that chiropractic doctors often work online involves the difficult insurance issues facing the typical chiropractic patient. Doctors often supplement medical information with online information about how insurance covers different kinds of injury. This helps to guide the average patient toward qualified care by helping them to understand how they will pay for consultation and treatment.

Combining Treatment and Insurance Information

Some practices build regular blogs and web sites that offer not only detailed posts on medical conditions, but additional resources on how insurance typically covers chiropractic care. For example, this Denver Chiropractic site includes a January 2013 post titled “Who pays for your auto accident bills?” that goes into the nuts and bolts of insurance coverage.

Here, practice bloggers point out that at-fault insurance companies don’t always pay on all of an auto accident injury bill. The blog explains that patients may need to also take a look at their own insurance policy and any medical or PIP coverage, in case the primary insurance rules out treatments according to medical necessity guidelines or churns out any other kinds of denials. The blog addresses issues like premium raises and other big questions that patients may have in terms of their finances and their ongoing care.

In addition, the site has other informational posts like the practical guide on What To Do After An Auto Accident, along with other posts targeted toward types of treatment, such as Learn About Whiplash Treatment and How Often Should I Go To A Chiropractor For A Car Accident?

These kinds of resources help web readers to get more involved in researching care, and often provide good conversion for chiropractic offices.

Supplementing Good Web Work with PI Telemarketing

At the Accident Referral Network, we understand that doctors want to prepare their patients for the financial aspects of care. We offer customized PI Telemarketing Services that also help to inform and guide patients as they work through the practical aspects of getting chiropractic care after a car accident. Let us help your practice to benefit from more new patient traffic, and a more informed patient base.


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