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PI Telemarketing News: Melbourne, Florida Chiropractor Gets Specific About Whiplash

PI Telemarketing News: Melbourne, Florida Chiropractor Gets Specific About Whiplash

Chiropractic Telemarketing FloridaIn a lot of cases, you can’t really have a discussion of chiropractic care without talking about whiplash. It’s one of the biggest issues involved in a lot of high-impact trauma accidents. It’s one of the things chiropractors focus on the most when they treat a wide variety of patients who have injuries, not from chronic, untreated conditions, but from a sudden blunt trauma.

With this in mind, a discussion of what chiropractors do to promote their services can often involve a good bit of discussion about whiplash and how it’s presented on the web.

Getting the Specifics on Whiplash

We’ve talked a lot about how chiropractic doctors use specific chiropractic marketing strategies to represent their practices on the web. We’ve talked about how going beyond the basics often helps, whether it’s adding more informational resources, presenting narratives directly from doctors, or generally giving patients more useful ways to research chiropractic care online.

The same holds true for whiplash. Doctor’s offices that give patients more information on this kind of injury are more likely to get some attention from a general readership, and more new patients that will read up online before visiting a practice.

For a good example of some of this kind of in-depth online commentary, check out this blog from Greathouse Chiropractic. A blog called “Does early management of whiplash and associated disorders assist or impede recovery?” gives patients a very relevant and useful piece of information: that doing too much, too early can actually be detrimental to the patient’s health.

Looking at this blog post, you can see that the practice also added an excellent graphic, one that blends aesthetic appeal with information. The ‘Cervical Joint Z map’ is something that catches the reader’s eye, but also presents the practice as a serious office and one that disseminates good information online. Scrolling down through the rest of the blog, you can see how practice bloggers get very specific about what’s best for whiplash, going beyond the kind of quick ‘data dump’ whiplash blog pages so prevalent on the web.

“Treating over 8 to 12 weeks will not likely provide further remedial therapeutic benefit (won’t make you better).” writes a practice blogger. “It may be palliative in nature (makes you feel good short term) but experts feel it leads to dependency on care.… The goals of care should be to abolish/reduce pain, improve physical and functional capacity (as clinically indicated) and wean from care.”

Using Chiropractic Telemarketing and PI Telemarketing Services

Building more detailed and more sophisticated web projects is one way that doctors go the extra mile to market their services. But the web is not the only way to attract new patients. If your practice is suffering from a lack of new patient traffic, talk to the Accident Referral Network, the foremost leader in innovative Chiropractic Telemarketing. Our PI Telemarketing Services assist doctors in keeping a robust, well-operating business in a competitive industry.


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