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PI Telemarketing: Massachusetts Chiro & The Value of “Linking”

PI Telemarketing: Massachusetts Chiro & The Value of “Linking”

Personal Injury TelemarketingWe know that many parts of the body are linked together, that many health issues are symptoms of underlying conditions, and that many areas of health and wellness complement each other. So why not introduce this into a conversation about medicine?

Many family practice doctors do this as a matter of routine. Almost before the patient has presented, doctors will lead into issues of diet and exercise, as well as other areas of wellness, like drug and alcohol use. That’s because all of these things are intimately connected to the patient’s overall health.

In much the same way, chiropractic doctors who want to explain chiropractic care online can utilize the same kinds of strategies in showing web readers the role of chiropractic care, and how parts of the body affect each other.

Effective Online Chiropractic Marketing: Quick and Direct Information About Wellness

Many of the best online efforts made by chiropractic doctors present direct information to readers about chronic conditions like back pain, trauma injuries like whiplash, and a range of other health-related issues.

For an example of this strategy at work, check out the Master Chiropractor site from Boston, Massachusetts. You’ll see how frequently blog posts are updated, with a new post every several days. You’ll also see a consistent, accessible format; a large font headline, along with a right-hand graphic and an intro paragraph. In terms of layout, these multiple pages are packed tightly together in the overall blog roll.

Look at some of the topics represented here. You’ll see items like “Almonds may prevent weight gain” and “Spinal injections not helpful for fibromyalgia” as well as posts like this one: “Migraine tied to Restless Leg Syndrome” for a little reflection on whether the head and the leg can be interconnected somehow.

“Earlier research has suggested that roughly three quarters of patients with both bruxism (teeth grinding) and RLS had a decrease in jaw symptoms after taking dopamine drugs for RLS.” concludes a practice blogger. “Although more research is needed to confirm these preliminary findings, it’s possible that patients with RLS may benefit from treatments for migraine and bruxism.”

Restless leg syndrome is a good example, because it’s such a common condition, and the medical community knows relatively little about it. The same is true of fibromyalgia, referenced above.

Getting More with PI Telemarketing

At the Accident Referral Network, we commend doctors on reaching out to patients through effective, direct online informational resources. We also help practices to go beyond the web with multi-channel PI Telemarketing campaigns. We pay close attention to what helps doctors to succeed, to serve our many happy clients and get new patients in the door as we help chiropractors to compete in a tough field.


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