PI Telemarketing Nebraska

PI Telemarketing News: From Omaha, Nebraska to Anywhere

PI Telemarketing News: From Omaha, Nebraska to Anywhere

PI Telemarketing NebraskaFor too many chiropractors who have to maintain a business model over the long term, the right messaging is not in place to provide good results. Businesses like chiropractor’s offices don’t exist in a vacuum, and they succeed or fail based on many specific criteria. Some of these have to do with things that doctors can’t control, such as where the practice is located, what supply and demand are like, and what kinds of networks a business office has with insurance companies. But other parts of this equation can be managed for better success in keeping offices full of new patients.

Good Chiropractic Outreach in Omaha, Nebraska

Actually, some kinds of superior chiropractic marketing are effective just about anywhere. Let’s take the example of Nebraska, a relatively low-population Midwestern state with a good number of chiropractic offices, just like anywhere else. Take a look at the good and the bad, and you’ll see that Nebraska chiropractors have a wide range of approaches to speaking to patients online.

Go to the web site of a Nebraska chiropractor and look at what’s on the practice blog.

If you come up with this sentence, stick it in Google: “Traffic Jams. Paying bills. Deadlines. Pesky neighbors.  These unpleasant or challenging situations create stress in our lives.”

You’ll see you’ve been “rep-rolled,” that is, fooled by cheap reproductions of blog content that are propping up a lazy office administration.

Instead, take a look at this blog at Sommer Family Chiropractic in Omaha, NE. You’ll see very different results, starting with a blog post called “Traffic Within” relating the human body to a highway infrastructure and featuring a neat graphic tying a brain to a heart.

“Just like cars drive north bound on one side of the highway, they also drive south bound on the other.” writes Dr. Andy Sommers. “I’ve been told that about 65,000 cars drive by my office each day! Just when you think that’s a lot, did you realize that over 3 trillion messages are sent to the brain through your spinal cord every second?! Yes your central nerve system (brain and spinal cord) is that superior.”

In most cases, some typos, less than stellar punctuation and lack of commas would be a turnoff, but not in this case – because a close look at the blog shows that it’s been actually written by someone at the practice, and not syndicated across the web. Doctors might not think that unique content matters…but it does, and that’s the reason that this office will attract a certain set of choosy web readers who will skate over the kinds of lukewarm blog sites mentioned above.

At the Accident Referral Network, we commend doctors who are willing to put in the time and write directly for their patient base. Sometimes, though, doctors may find they need additional assistance in getting new patients in the door.

Relying on PI Telemarketing

The Accident Referral Network offers customized PI Telemarketing campaigns that help doctors to get further toward their goals and objectives. We talk to accident victims to assess their needs and help them to get connected with qualified chiropractors in their areas, and we help with a lot of the details of getting new patients into a practice. We have partnered with many happy client offices where doctors are able to triumph over one manageable overhead and spotty patient schedules.


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