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PI Telemarketing News: Marysville, Ohio Chiropractor’s Personal Approach

PI Telemarketing News: Marysville, Ohio Chiropractor’s Personal Approach

Personal Injury TelemarketingIf you’ve done a little research on chiropractic marketing online, you’ve seen how different many of these campaigns are. Some doctors do a great job of compiling accurate, unique resources for patients. Others just phone it in.

What’s tricky is that some third-party companies syndicating chiropractic content do make the stuff that they put out sound good. The problem is that, if you cut and paste just a little bit of these nice human interest pages, you’ll see a long list of Google search results pages tagging the exact same article, verbatim, to a long list of other practices.

Generic content like this isn’t likely to really boost a local chiropractor’s reputation over time. Sure, you might get some people clicking in. They might read a little bit. They might even be impressed. But what if they happen to come across some of these cookie-cutter ‘zombie’ sites? This is going to be an immediate turnoff. If potential patients recognize that chiropractor office is simply copying and pasting material that’s supposed to look personal, that essential link of trust between the provider and those who use services is immediately broken. In this day and age, you have to assume a level of sophistication and intelligence for the average web or mobile user, and know that they will go further than a single Google search to get the right provider.

Personalized Online Resources

What can doctors do to mitigate these kinds of situations? For one thing, doctors can add personal ‘meet and greet’ pages online like this one from a chiropractor office in Marysville, Ohio. It’s nice to have these kinds of personalized resources to introduce doctors to web readers, but ideally, all of the material that chiropractic office presents online, including blog posts, should be unique and personal to the practice, not just something that’s farmed out and syndicated across the web. Sometimes, these kinds of efforts seem like an afterthought…but that’s short term thinking.

Using PI Telemarketing Services

There’s a lot more that doctors can do to generate new patient traffic and get better visibility within their communities. Partially because of the uninspiring syndication of online chiropractic content, doctors are moving toward multi-channel campaigns that include more customized and personal outreach.

One popular component is a PI Telemarketing service. At the Accident Referral Network, our teams talk to individual auto accident injury victims and point them toward the right resources in their communities. We help single practices to get new patients, not through a ‘scattershot’ approach, but through careful individualized messaging and direct work with those who need spinal care or other chiropractic services. Take a look and see what we can do for your practice, to build a reputation that’s real, and get long term patient traffic through your doors.


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