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PI Telemarketing: Seattle, Washington Chiropractor Develops Public Event Updates

PI Telemarketing: Seattle, Washington Chiropractor Develops Public Event Updates

Personal Injury TelemarketingIf you are a professional chiropractor or practice administrator tasked with handling online marketing for an office, you may have gotten advice from someone about getting useful, unique content onto the site. Still, you might be asking yourself, and others, some pretty important follow-up questions.

What kind of stuff do you put on one of these sites? What does it mean to offer patients more over the web?

Good chiropractic marketing means many things to many people, but as you look at what doctors are doing to promote themselves and their practices, you can see some pretty significant trends. Those who have worked at this kind of promotion for a while can see what kinds of elements and what kinds of strategies are more likely to work in the favor of a chiropractic business competing within a community.

Adding Public Event Coverage

One thing that doctors often do is to use public events to entice new potential customers to interact with or visit an office. These public events can do two things: while getting a practice more publicity over the web, they also create a natural space for people to learn about chiropractic care and other issues related to body health.

For more, take a look at this example from InhealthPLLC in Seattle, Washington.

In a recent blog post simply titled “It’s a FUNdraiser!” the practice has done several very smart things. The first is to provide direct information about an upcoming public event – the second one is to include large visuals of the athlete and sports authority who will be attending, along with large font names and titles, up front and center on the blog page.

It’s great for web visitors to have information about public events. It’s even better when these updates can really catch the eye. Rather than just throwing in a lump of text, those representing the practice have added some compelling layout that can really work in the favor of those doctors being represented.

In addition to this kind of public event post, this practice supports its blog with other kinds of great resources. We see another good example of using visuals well in a post called “TRX has arrived at InHealthPLLC”-  including a large-scale picture of in-house fitness systems gives web readers more of an idea of what they will see when they visit the practice, and how chiropractors work to support patient health. Other posts focus on groundbreaking treatments, individual patients and much more, again, with great layout and visuals included.

Going Beyond the Basics with PI Telemarketing

Doctors who want an even more vibrant new patient roster can add to great online marketing with the services provided at the Accident Referral Network, a national chiropractic telemarketing company. Our PI Telemarketing teams help to drive new traffic to a chiropractic doctor’s office. We create customized campaigns to help local chiropractic doctors ‘win’ and distinguish themselves within their communities.


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